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Beyond the Yellow Ribbon South of the River needs the support of volunteers in Scott County.  Below is a list of several areas and events where your volunteer support would be greatly appreciated.

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*Please note that any information submitted, to Beyond The Yellow Ribbon-South of the River, is never shared with outside sources except for specific, registered businesses and/or community service organizations who are verified by our volunteer organization, and who fulfill the specific military family request for service. We do not sell or share our information to non-registered entities.

Many of the areas listed below have needs for volunteers

Donation and Fundraising:

We need volunteers to help organize and conduct a donation solicitation campaign.  Organize and run events such as golf tournaments, pancake breakfasts, spaghetti dinners, garage sale, fun run, etc.

City Leadership:

Volunteers are needed to act as liaisons between the 7 major cities in Scott County and Beyond the Yellow Ribbon-South of the River. To help with communicating the needs and issues of veterans and their families by meeting with city councils and leadership from the various parts of Scott County

Event Organization:

We need volunteers to help plan and conduct military family events. This can be anything from helping out at specific events (registration, set up, take down, etc.) to making community contacts for decorations, refreshments, food, etc.

Communications and Public Relations:

Volunteers are needed to help write Public Service Announcements and/or Press Releases; create and distribute individual event flyers; create and maintain volunteer, media and military family contact information; and represent Beyond the Yellow-Ribbon South of the Riverat various community service and support organizations. Specifically we need volunteers to help to gather business and community organization contact data: to attend business, trade association and community service organization meetings to tell the Beyond The Yellow Ribbon-South of the Riverstory.

Business Services:

Volunteers are needed to help solicit businesses for participation in our military family service provision program. This would include registering businesses, verifying business information and then documenting business information with the Beyond The Yellow Ribbon-South of the RiverWebmaster.


If you don’t see anything that fits your skills or personality above, just let us know what you want to do or what special/unique talents you have. We’ll find a place for you on our volunteer team!

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